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To enter your own particular pet's gallery, click on the image above the pet's name. If you have requested that your gallery be protected with a password, a photo will not be visible but you will see a row of asterisks (*****) and clicking those will lead you to a screen to enter your password. The next screen will show you thumbnails of your images - please note that there may very well be multiple pages of photos.

From the thumbnail page, you may click on individual images for larger views. Identifying photo numbers display when the pictures are viewed individually and should be referenced when selecting images for print orders.

Clicking on "Slideshow" at the top of the screen will provide an overall viewing of the photos. Once you are in the slideshow program, move your mouse to the bottom of the screen until a row of setting options displays. I recommend you checkmark the boxes for "Transitions" (near the bottom left) and "Auto Show Captions" (towards the bottom right). Also note the grayscale that runs vertically along the right side of the screen. Moving your courser along the various shades of gray will change the color of the background according to your own taste (click to set it at that shade). As your slideshow moves through the images, you may pause to examine a photo more closely by hovering your courser over the photo number box that pops up with each image. To exit the Slideshow function, click the "X" at the top right corner.

Will and Oz 2014

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Will and Oz 2014